There are different types of yoga, but I am a master of HATHA YOGA.

Hatha yoga consists of:


•  ASANAS: physical exercise. It’s good for body flexibility and physical strength.

•  PRANAYAMAS: breathing exercises, under many different types of breathing forms. It’s good for mental relaxation, stress free life and to release all types of internal tiredness.

•  MEDITATION: it’s a way of communicating with yourself. Feel all your emotions and also feel complete fulfillment. In meditation you can open all types of emotional blockages like depression, high temper, insecurities or fears.

•  RELAXATION: through the sound you have to remain in a comfortable way, and along with the vibration  you relax in the physical, mental and emotional body. When you finish the session you will feel  there is something new growing inside you.


Many people cannot do physical exercises, breathing or meditation, but everybody is able to do relaxation.


 "In human life, if there is discipline, you can lead a successful and civilized life"


"In my opinion, discipline is the most important thing to maintain in human life"